Bible Study

On Thursday morning we meet at 10am to celebrate holy commuion, and pray for wholeness and healing in among ourselves, in our community and our world. After the service we enjoy refreshements together, and go on to deepen our understanding of our faith in bible study.
Bible Study


In 2015 after reading the Epistles to the Romans and Philippians, we looked at messages of hope in Matthew's Gospel and the Prophets. We went onto read the early chapters of Genesis and the Christmas stories.

In 2016 we have read the stories from Genesis of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob and his sons. We then explored the Gospel of Luke.

In Lent 2017 we read Paula Gooder's book Let me go there. Recently we have been looking at texts about the Holy Spirit. In 2018 we read Rowan'

William's God with us.

After Easter 2018 we looked at at John's Gospel and then moved onto the prophet Ezekiel. 2019 has seen us exploring the women of the Bible and our readings from Luke and John.


Come and join in our lively conversation.

Other study groups

Opportunities for study and discussion include our monthly Thomas Group which meet on a Saturday for  lively discussion and a bring & share lunch.


There is also a monthly Exploring Prayer group on a Wednesday eveing.


We often join in study evenings arranged by our sister church Holy Trinity.


Details can be found on our notice sheets.

Notes and books for studying the Bible at home are available. Please speak to Barry Nichols.

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