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Weddings and banns

If you are starting to plan your wedding you may find it helpful to look at the Church of England's website where you will find a great deal of helpful information.

If you are getting married eleswhere in the Church of England you will proabaly be asked to arrange to have your banns read in the parish where you live.


You can check this by entering your postcode on the church near you website.


Banns are read at the 11am service on 3 consecutive Sundays, usually 6-8 weeks before your wedding.


There is a fee for calling your banns and for issuing a certificate.


Please ask the administrator for a banns form.



St Augustine's is a great place to get married.

If you live in St Augustine's parish or have a family connection you may get married in the church.


Please speak to the administrator  a how the church can make your big day special.

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